101 Internet Marketing Hacks – Number 28 & 55 are Priceless

If you want to become a successful Internet Marketer then these 101 Internet Marketing hacks created by full time Internet Marketer John Thornhill will help you on your way.

1. Don’t ever fake a testimonial.

2. Know what a visitor to your website is worth.

3. The primary function of your blog is to capture your visitors email address.

4. It’s not about how big your list is, but what you do with it.




6. If you scam anyone you will get found out.

7. If you can’t sell right away at the very least try to capture the visitors email.

8. Never ask another marketer how big their list is.

9. Learn product creation. It will make you the most money.

10. Never buy Facebook likes. Earn them.

11. Don’t ignore someone reaching out to you for help. They could be your next 5 figure client.

12. Unless you are a photoshop expert always outsource your graphic creation.

13. Good support is essential to your online success.

14. Creating one product does not make you a product creation expert.

15. Done for you = I’m too lazy to learn how to do it myself.

16. Work on your conversions before working on your traffic.

17. Getting JVs is all about building relationships.

18. Always review a product before promoting it.

19. Multiple income streams protect your business.

20. Create at least one high ticket offer.

21. Reciprocate promotions or you’ll quickly run out of affiliates.

22. You can find anything you need to know from Google and YouTube.

23. Go to as many live events as possible.

25. Only offer advice if qualified to do so.

26. The customer is not always right.

27. Always honour refund requests promptly.

28.¬†Don’t rely on one form of traffic. It may be gone tomorrow.

29. Mail your subscribers at least once per day.

30. Test everything before launching. Especially your sales process.

31. Test some more.

32. Are you sure you have tested absolutely everything?

33. The more you pay affiliates the more affiliates you recruit.

35. You get what you pay for when it comes to hosting.

36. Just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean you can’t do it better.

37. A good coach knows how to listen.

38. Ask your subscribers how you can help them. The results may surprise you and you’ll get some great product ideas.

39. Always be closing. (ABC)

40. Create at least one killer webinar presentation. It could set you up for life.

41. Split test till you can’t split test no more. Then split test some more.

42. Don’t gossip about other marketers.

43. A customer is worth one hundred subscribers.

44. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, your followers will appreciate you for it.

45. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. It can make you, but it can also break you.

46. If you say an offer is going to close at a given time make sure it does.

47. Never lie to your subscribers, they aren’t stupid.

48. If you have any doubts before hitting the send button then don’t send it.

49. Don’t argue with your customers.

50. Always use a redirect when promoting a product. This keeps you in control of where your traffic goes.

51. You only need to check emails once per day.

52. The first thing you should outsource is your support.

53. Every website you have online should try to capture leads one way or another.

54. Just because an affiliate says they will mail for your launch doesn’t mean they will.

55. Make yourself accountable to someone.

57. Invest in a good coach.

58. Affiliates are lazy. Give them what they need and more to promote your product.

59. Never cancel a launch once it’s been announced unless it’s absolutely necessary.

60. If you ask for a critique be prepared to take it on the chin.

61. Help the newbie. You don’t know how far they will go and they won’t forget it.

62. Listen to your followers. Your best product ideas will come from them.

63. You will get nasty comments from people unsubscribing, don’t let it get to you. We all get them.

64. Cross promote your products.

65. Master your autoresponder.

66. Get every word you write proofread.

67. Two fonts and two font colours is more than enough for a sales page.

68. Don’t use affiliate swipe ‘as is’.

67. Make goals.

68. Get on as many JV leaderboards as possible.

69. Pay prize money from your JV competitions promptly.

70. The money IS in the list.

72. Always be working on at least one product, but no more.

73. Confusion leads to cart abandonment. Keep your offer simple.

74. Less is more when it comes to squeeze pages.

75. Want to sell more as an affiliate? Offer a bonus.

76. Exit pops work, no matter how much they annoy you.

77. Always host sales videos on Amazon S3. Never YouTube.

78. A good story always helps sell a product.

79. Use Gmail.

80. Create your products in as many formats as possible, video, audio, PDF, etc.

81. Buying traffic to show a profit is not easy.

82. Most of your affiliates won’t make sales for you. Focus on the ones that do.

83. The best time to sell to someone is just after they have bought something.

84. Try to get your subscribers discounts off products you promote.

85. All of your products should be evergreen.

86. Scarcity and urgency works.

87. Sunday is the best day to end a launch.

89. Shut down distractions when working, Skype, email, phone, Facebook, etc.

90. With enough research you can become an expert in just about any niche in 2-3 weeks.

91. Take a 24 hour break from your business at least once per week.

92. Always have something recurring in your funnel.

93. Don’t link to your JV page from your sales page, affiliates don’t like it.

94. Don’t force affiliates to opt in for their affiliate link as most won’t.

95. Most of your traffic will come from your affiliates.

96. Put a notepad beside your bed, just in case.

97. Don’t waste time doing pointless things, Candy Crush is a perfect example.

98. You have more time than you think, just switch off the TV.

99. Don’t eat at your desk. It will make you less productive.

100. Take 5 minutes out of every hour to stretch.

101. Never ever ever give up. You are closer to success than you think.

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