Have an Expert do It All For You!

While we encourage you to set up everything yourself, we understand that getting everything up and running can be technical and tricky, especially if it's something you have never done before. Which is why we have introduced our Setup Service.

Dealing with autoresponder code and ClickBank contracts can be a daunting task if you're new to it, so why don't we take the hard work and confusion out of the equation and do it all for you?

With our Setup Service, you can have everything done for you, without any of the hassle involved and with no need to follow the setup training videos.

Once we have everything set up for you all that will be left for you to do is focus on getting results.

After you place your order below, you will be in direct contact with a member of our support team who'll handle the whole process for you.

Reasurrance Guaranteed knowing that your system is setup correctly.
Zero hassle so all you need to do is drive traffic to your links.
Constant updates through our support desk.

Top 1% ClickBank Platinum Vendor whose digital products have netted him 5+ million dollars in personal profits.
John Thornhill

Here is a Brief Rundown of What's Included

Aweber List Setup 

We Will Create And Edit Your Mailing Lists - List Settings in Aweber.

Add Your Campaigns

We Will Add All of Your Email Campaigns Into Your Aweber Account.

Site Integration

We Will Integrate Your Webinars With Your Aweber Account.

ClickBank Integration

We Will Connect Your Clickbank Account to Your Webinars.

Custom Form Setup

We Will Set up All Your Relevant Aweber Forms And Connect The System

ClickBank Contracts

We Will Setup All ClickBank Contracts And Notify You on How to Accept Them

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied of our service as we will fully test everything is working correctly so you have complete peace of mind leaving you to focus on getting results.

Choose Your Package

Choose which option you want us to setup below

Single Webinar Setup


Single site/webinar setup (you choose)
Aweber List Setup 
Add Your Campaigns
Site Integration
ClickBank Integration
Custom Form Setup
ClickBank Contracts Activated

Both Webinars Setup


Both sites/webinars setup
Aweber List Setup 
Add Your Campaigns
Site Integration
ClickBank Integration
Custom Form Setup
ClickBank Contracts Activated

Your Questions Answered

How Long Will This Take You?

We aim to have this service done for you within 24 - 48 hours from receiving your details during our working week Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT

What Are The Requirements?

What we will need from you are:


Your Ambassador login details

Your ClickBank ID

You also must have an active Ambassador membership

What Are The Terms And Conditions?

Setup Service Terms

Once you have placed your order we will direct you to a web page where you can provide all of the info we need.

We will work directly with you to get everything set up in the fastest time possible. While we will endeavour to set up everything as fast as humanly possible, please allow at least 2 working days from when we receive your details for the service to be complete.

No Refunds

Due to the nature of this offer and the work involved no refunds will be offered. Unless for some reason we can't perform the service.

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