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Key Areas

5:22 Success Stories

15:00 Making money from your system

23:45 Getting from A to B in record time

33:03 The 3 Step Success Blueprint

34:40 Offer > Traffic > List > Automate

43:24 Why sell information?

75:24 Product idea you can run with right away

97:07 $105,007.36 for doing nothing

105:51 Case studies

104:26 Competing with my students on leaderboards

109:20 More success stories

112:24 Taking things to the next level

116:19 The ultimate offer

117:35 Proof

118:53 Dominating launches

122:53 Are you John's next success story?

Please note this webinar was recorded live and during the live session we had audio issues, you will hear me reference audio issues a couple of times but luckily they are not in the replay.

I'll be taking this webinar replay down on Sunday 15th of January so please take the time to watch it as it's some of my most revealing content to date.

If you have any questions let me know by clicking the support link below.