When Will I get my First Lesson?
Posted by Paula Brett on 06 December 2011 10:38 PM

You will receive your first lesson as soon as you login to your Membership Area and enter your email address in the optin form on the Welcome page. We always advise you to add at least two and preferably three different email addresses into the optin form, then go to your inboxes and locate the confirmation emails. Click the confirmation optin link in the email and your lessons will begin. They will be sent to you every week to all three emails addresses (every day for One Month Mentor) -- this will ensure that the emails will get through the spam filters to at least one of the email addresses.

Subsequent to this, you will receive each week's coaching materials every week (or every day for One Month Mentor) to the day that you signed up i.e. If you signed up on a Tuesday, every Tuesday.... and so on.

If you have not received an email with a link to the current week's course materials, please don't panic -- simply submit a support ticket and a link will be sent to you. Always check your spam/trash folder, as some ISPs (internet service providers), such as AOL, filter emails directly to the spam/trash folder.

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