Basic Guidelines For a Promotion From John
Posted by John Thornhill on 12 November 2013 02:02 PM

If you want John to promote your product please read these guidelines first.

You must have an actual product for me to promote – Not a squeeze page or some other type of website but an actual info-product. Your product MUST BE ORIGINAL AND BE CREATED BY YOU. No PLR or affiliate offers of any kind. Ideally, I would like for you to follow my training to create your product but this is not a requirement. If you want to hear about the training I can provide contact me.

I must review the product – I must be certain that the caliber of your content is up to par with what I tend to promote. I will need at least 30-45 days with full access to the content and members area. Its not just about quality, it is also about appearance. I wont promote a great product that looks like crap and this is why I need time to go through it. Please do not expect me to schedule a promotion for a product and funnel that is incomplete. Do not approach me until EVERYTHING is ready. I may ask you to change something in order to better suit my audience or I may refuse to promote that particular product.

I must Review the funnel – Every single page that my customers will see must be above board. I must be certain that the copy, appearance and functionality of your funnel are all in order. I’ve launched dozens of products and I’ve promoted hundreds. I know what works best for our subscribers. If I ask you to change something – it is for the benefit of the campaign, please don’t take it personal. I don’t promote blind offers and/or websites that use any kind of deception or misleading marketing tactics to make a sale.

Needs to be on a trusted affiliate platform – I do not promote products unless they are listed in a trusted affiliate network like JVZoo or Clickbank. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but in order to protect my business I determine what network is okay for me to promote. Some affiliate platforms may put our PayPal accounts at risk while other platforms may require a manual commission payment directly from you instead of a trusted third party. I’ve been doing this a while and there are certain risks that I just wont take. To keep things simple and secure please use Clickbank or JVZoo otherwise I may decline to promote.

Needs to be evergreen – The traffic I will send is permanent so your offer needs to be as well. It’s OK to have a ‘launch special’ but your page must stay up permanently. I may be inserting links to your offer into my auto-responder sequences as well as blog posts and other websites that will be indexed and archived for ever. I do this with the intention of sending you a stream of perpetual traffic. Nothing is more frustrating to a marketer than to spend a lot of time setting up a promotional campaign for an offer only to find that a few months later all the links I’ve created are pointing to a 404 error. If this happens, I probably wont ever promote for you again. It’s frustrating and I’m sure you can understand why.

Needs to comply – Your site needs to be legit with a privacy policy and all other required legal pages. I cant promote something that might potentially put my own businesses or reputations at risk.

I promote based on MY schedule Not yours – this is important. I know you may have a “launch” and want me to mail at a specific date and time but that may not be a good fit for me due to multiple factors. First of all there could be a conflict with one of my own launches or another launch that I am supporting. Also… even if I am open on those particular days sometimes the product itself isn’t something we can promote at that specific time. For example if your product is about list building but I have just promoted a list building product the week before then its not a good idea to follow up with another list building product. This is why we must have ample time to evaluate your product and offer to see where it will best fit into the grand scheme of OUR calendar. I promote smartly because there is actually a method to doing this profitably.

My goal is to get thousands of visitors to your site, that may happen over the course of a few days, a few weeks or a few months, it’s impossible to predict the exact results you’ll get. I reserve the right to refuse to promote a particular product or website if I find some sort of conflict or issue with the product. In the unlikely event that I can’t promote a particular product for you I will explain why and make suggestions for changes or we can look at promoting something else for you in the future.

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