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Meet John Thornhill - CEO of PlanetSMS LTD

"My ultimate goal is to help every single client achieve higher levels of success in the shortest time possible"

John Thornhill

Meet The Team

Alex Thornhill

Office Manager and General Admin

My son Alex helps me with the day to day running of the business. When you ring the office it's usually Alex you will initially speak to. He is here to help you with all aspects of your business.


Paula Brett

Support Manager

Paula has helped me offer the very best support to my customers for many many years. She is also the co founder of D9 Hosting, the only hosting company I recommend. Most of your initial support requests will go through Paula.


Simon Phillips

Technical Support Specialist

Simon is a technical whizz and there is no technical issue he can’t solve. He is here to help you deal with any technical issues you may have with any part of your business. You’ll also see him in our Facebook groups helping with general tech questions.


Randy Smith

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Randy's history is in selling with over 35 years experience in direct selling. He will be here to help you with all aspects of your sales copy and will help make sure you put together a sales process that will maximise revenue.